Scent goal: reassuring


Let's not hide it: some places evoke quite a bit of stress for many people. Think, for example, of the waiting room in a healthcare facility. A comforting ambient scent can reduce this unpleasant feeling. Fear is diminished, and peace returns. Not only good for the visitors, but also for the employees. 

Reassurance through scent 

Several scents can reduce anxiety. Imagine the fresh smell of a forest after a refreshing rainstorm. That sounds soothing. That's what the Lavender and Pine scent oil smells like! The resinous and aromatic base of lavender, combined with the woody notes of pine, create the perfect comforting recipe. A more present scent that lingers long in the room is Sandalwood. The name implies it: with its woody notes, this scent exudes strength. But now and then, we also need a touch of distraction. Then Aniseed and Eucalyptus is the right scent for you. With the green heart of aniseed and the sharp top of eucalyptus, you imagine yourself somewhere else!

Would you like to experience our reassuring scents for yourself?

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For which areas and organisations is this suitable?

Creating a calming and positive atmosphere can be applied within various spaces and organisations. You can think of prisons or closed care facilities. But also the dentist, physiotherapist or hospital areas can use a touch of tranquillity. Optimising these places with scent is exactly what we do. Both for employees and visitors.