Scent experience in hotels

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A good scent experience in your hotel: one of the most important conditions for a comfortable guest stay. We often see that in hotels, elements of appearance such as music, decoration and lighting are carefully coordinated. However, scent experience is often overlooked in this process. A missed opportunity! 

Scent marketing in hotels 

In scent marketing, you spread scent in an area for a specific purpose. Spreading a unique, complementary scent strengthens your hotel brand and increases the hotel rating of your guests. It’s a shame to let this opportunity go, isn’t it?

Scent experience in lounges

The effect of scent experience on hotel guests


Making guests feel welcome 

Not only does what we see and hear affect us, but also what we smell. This way, certain scents make people feel welcome, making an excellent first impression.

Creating a luxury experience 

When you want to radiate luxury as a hotel, it is not just the appearance that counts. By spreading a suitable scent, you can enhance this luxury experience.

Optimising guests experience

Are you striving for an optimal guests experience? Then you want all your expressions to align to create the ultimate experience for your hotel guests. Also scent.

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Solving a problem or adding value?

Spreading scent in your hotel can have both a problem-solving and a value-adding function. On the one hand, you can prevent unpleasant smells. On the other hand, you can create the perfect atmosphere that matches the appearance of your hotel. Your hotel smells like something anyway, so it’s better to decide for yourself what that smell is!

Different purposes, different scents

Each area has its purpose, such as creating the right first impression in the entrance area and letting your guests relax in the wellness area. Whatever the goal is, we have the right scent. Do you want several fragrances in one room? No problem! We also offer two- and four-scent devices. You can switch between different scents in one room using predetermined time schedules.

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