Scent goal: promoting relaxation


We need to recharge ourselves physically and mentally between our work lives. In places where we relax the most, the ambience should radiate calmness. Scent is the perfect tool for this! The application of a delicate ambient scent is indispensable for the creation of an optimal relaxation experience.

Promoting relaxation through scent 

The optimal relaxation experience starts with a scent that balances body and mind. Our scent Tranquillity is stress relieving and calming. It is very versatile and, therefore, widely applicable. Oudh Hammam is a scent that refers to a specific place: the Far East. Middle Asia? That's just around the corner! With its fresh tones, Oudh Hammam also provides a purifying effect. Another scent that cannot be missed in the list of relaxation: Lavender. We have the supreme version for you!

Would you like to experience relaxing scents?

Request our scent samples free of charge, without obligation and experience which scent oils fit best with your organisation or spaces.

For which areas and organisations is this suitable?

Relaxation is a broad concept, but here it applies especially to the application in organisations where visitors come for a day of rest. Our scents can therefore ensure that a spa or wellness smells good from A to Z. For example, choose a scent at the entrance that immediately puts you in a relaxed mood and provide relaxing scents in the massage rooms and saunas. Mental or physical relaxation, cold or hot temperatures, small or large spaces? Nothing is too crazy for us!