Scent goal: physical activation

Push up

Did you know that scent can play a significant role in exercise? For example, activating scents can reduce the feeling of physical exertion. This, therefore, ensures that physical performance is increased. Not a bad thing, right? From burning calories to building fitness, scent will lend a hand whatever the goal!

Physical activation through smell

What are the scents that activate? One scent that goes well with high effort is Breathing. The name says it all: a smell that lets you breathe. Are you looking for a refreshing boost? Then we recommend the scent oil Revitalizing. Wrapped in a blend of citrus, floral and warm base notes, this scent provides the growth you want. A more recognisable activating scent is Peppermint. This one lingers long and smells exactly as expected: sharp, fresh and uplifting, just like the scent oil Mintsport. All two provide energy for two!


Would you like to experience our activating scents for yourself?

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For which areas and organisations is this suitable?

For which places are activating scents suitable? Logically, you can apply them in a gym. Do you want to ensure that a group actively participates in your sports lessons? Then an activating scent fits perfectly with your wish! Want to burn even more calories in the cardio room? Also there, our activating scents help with that extra push. In short, everywhere where physical effort is made!

Request our scent samples free of charge, without any obligation, and experience which scent oils best fit your organisation or spaces.