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Scented oils

Scent oil from Sense Company: that is quality, strength and safety. We work with the best perfume houses. All our essential and non-essential scent oils come with the necessary documentation and IFRA statements. This states that the products are approved for the purpose they are used. How nice! And oh yes, they also smell incredibly good! Want to try them?

Scent oil

What is scent oil?

Scent oil is an oil specially made to spread nice scents. Ideal when you want to make an area smell good.

And what kinds are there?

Scent oil is an oil that is made specifically to spread pleasant scents. It's ideal when you want to make a room smell nice. However, not all scent oils are the same. We distinguish two types of oil.

Essential oil

Essential scent oil, also called natural, organic or essential oil, is extracted directly from natural raw materials (seeds, fruits, leaves, peel, blossom or the wood of a plant). After this, the essential scent oils remain more or less unprocessed.

Non-essential oils

Non-essential scent oils, also called artificial, nature-identical or synthetic scent oils, are created by artificially reproducing the structure of essential oils. The goal, therefore, is to approximate the molecular structure of the natural variant as closely as possible during the creation process. We know precisely what is incorporated into these oils during this creation process.

Want to know more about the differences and similarities between essential and non-essential oils? Contact us.

Scent oil as an (unconscious) influencer

A tool not to be underestimated

Scent oil is a tool that can significantly contribute to your organisational goals. Smell is an essential factor in our appreciation of a space. If it smells good somewhere, we feel at ease, judge the environment more positively, and we (unconsciously) want to return there because of this positive experience. A tool not to be underestimated!

Why does scent oil work?

Why is it that smell, and therefore scent oil, produces so many effects? Because smell is the only sense closely connected to our limbic system. The part of our brain is involved in our emotion, motivation, pleasure and emotional memory.

Scent oils are therefore able to evoke emotions, create perceptions, activate people, and soothe and form memories. It may surprise you, but our feelings are determined 75% by scent! And we make most decisions unconsciously, based on these feelings.

How is scent oil constructed?  

Top, middle and base notes

Scent oils are made up of top notes, heart notes and base notes. These notes develop at different speeds. As a result, they do not spread simultaneously in a room.

  • Top notes
    Top notes are immediately dominant and volatile.
  • Heart notes
    Heart notes are smelled as the top notes dissipate.
  • Base notes 
    Finally, base notes linger the longest.

All in all, as soon as the oil is nebulised in the room, the scent notes come to life!

The Sense of Scent Circle

Scent quadrants, families and notes

Since it is easier to think in colours than in scents, we developed the scent circle. Our scent oils can be divided into four quadrants: floral, oriental, woody and green/fresh. These quadrants are, in turn, divided into different scent families, each of which has a different composition in top, heart and base notes. In short, each scent oil has its character and strength!

Floral scent oil

Scents from the floral quadrant are often referred to as delicate, feminine and associated with seduction and passion.

The floral quadrant borders on the one hand on fruity and on the other hand on oriental scents. Scents from this quadrant can consist of top, heart and base notes, depending on the scent's composition. In addition, floral scents are divided into three scent families: flower (freshly picked), soft flower (aldehyde, powdery notes) and oriental flower (sweet spices, orange blossom).

Oriental scent oil

Scents from the oriental quadrant are classic, somewhat heavier and take you along the Middle East, Africa and South America.

The oriental quadrant borders on the floral and woody scents. Scents from this quadrant can consist of top, heart and base notes, depending on the scent's composition. In addition, oriental scents are divided into three scent families: floral oriental (warm with a floral undertone), soft oriental (aromatic and edible ingredients) and woody oriental (strong woody tone).

Woody scent oils

Scents from the woody quadrant are often seen as heavy, masculine scents. Scents are also often used in men's perfumes.

With their heavy character, scents from the woody quadrant consist mainly of base notes: ingredients that you keep smelling for a very long time. In addition, woody scents are divided into four scent families: woody (sandalwood and cedar), mossy (moss and amber), dry (leather and musk) and aromatic (cinnamon, lavender and clove).

Green/fresh scent oil

Scents from the green/fresh quadrant are ideal for refreshing your environment. These provide the ultimate hygiene experience.

The green/fresh quadrant borders the woody quadrant with its aromatic scent. And on the other hand, with its fruity scents in the floral quadrant. Due to their volatile nature, fresh scents consist mainly of top notes. After being nebulised, they spread quickly in the room and are dominant for a short time. Ideal to combat stubborn odour problems. A constant scent level is guaranteed by setting the scent machine correctly despite its volatile nature.  In addition, the green/fresh scents are divided into four scent families: fruity (berries, fruits), greenish (hyacinth, green notes), aquatic (sea notes) and citrus (lime, bergamot, citrus oil).

How is scent oil used?

There are several ways to diffuse scent oil in a room. For example, wall sprays, granules, dry mist, heating and ultrasonic. All of these techniques, in our opinion, do not do justice to the scent or do not provide a consistent scent experience. One method we are convinced of? The cold diffusing technique. During this nebulisation process, the oil dissolves in the air as a dry mist and is carried around the room by the natural airflow. This way, the scent oil spreads evenly and does not sink to the ground quickly. A constant scent experience is guaranteed!

How safe is our scent oil?

We can be brief about that: 100% safe. Our scent oil reaches millions of people at home and abroad every day. That brings a lot of responsibility. That's why we work with the best perfume houses and follow the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. This way, we can guarantee 100% safety. After all, safety comes first for us!

Frequently asked questions

  • How healthy are scent oils? 

Scent oils definitely have no effect on health when used as intended. We also work according to the standards of IFRA. This allows us to guarantee 100% safety!