Powerful scent oil

If you say Sense Company scent oil, you say powerful, quality and safety. Namely, we work together with the best perfume houses. All our scent oils, both essential and non-essential, are provided with the necessary documentation and IFRA-statements. This states that the products are approved for the purpose for which they are used.

Scent oil as an (unconscious) influencer

a tool not to be underestimated

Scent oil: a tool that can make a major contribution to your organisation’s goals. Namely, scent is an important factor in our appreciation of an area. If it smells good somewhere, then we feel at ease, assess the environment more positively and want to return (unconsciously) through this positive experience. All in all, a tool not to be underestimated!

increase customer satisfaction
9+ Hygiene experience

How is scent oil structured

top, heart and base notes
Opbouw geurolie

Scent oil consists of top, heart and base notes. These notes develop at different speeds. As a result, they do not spread in an area at the same time.

Top notes

Top notes are immediately dominantly present and volatile in nature.

Heart notes

You can smell heart nuts the moment the top notes fade away.

base notes

Finally, base notes last the longest.

All in all, as soon as the oil is sprayed in the area, the notes come to life!

the sense scent circle

scent quadrants, families and notes

As it is easier to think in colours than in scents, we developed the scent circle. Each of our scent oils can be divided into four quadrants: floral, oriental, woody and green/fresh. These quadrants are divided into different scent families, each of which has a different composition in top, heart and base notes. In short, each scent oil has its own character and power!

Floral scent oil

Scents from the floral quadrant are often referred to as fine, feminine scents and are associated with seduction and passion.

Oriental scent oil

Scents from the oriental quadrant are classic, somewhat heavier in nature and take you to the Middle East, Africa and South America.

Green / fresh scent oil

Scents from the green/fresh quadrant are ideal to refresh your surroundings. They provide the ultimate hygiene experience.

woody scent oil

Scents from the woody quadrant are often seen as heavy, masculine scents. These are scents that are also often used in men’s perfume.

Bloemige geurolie

Geuren uit het bloemige kwadrant worden vaak aangeduid als fijne, vrouwelijke geuren en geassocieerd met verleiding en hartstocht.

Oriëntaalse geurolie

Geuren uit het oriëntaalse kwadrant zijn klassiek, wat zwaarder van aard en voeren je mee langs het Midden-Oosten, Afrika en Zuid-Amerika.

Groene / frisse geurolie

Geuren uit het groene / frisse kwadrant zijn ideaal om je omgeving te verfrissen. Deze zorgen namelijk voor de ultieme hygiënebeleving.

Houtige geurolie

Geuren uit het houtige kwadrant worden vaak gezien als zware, mannelijke geuren. Geuren die ook vaak in herenparfums worden gebruikt.

Green / fresh scents





floral scents


Soft flower

Oriental flower

Oriental scents

Soft oriental


Woody oriental

Woody scents


Dry wood

Moss wood


What is scent oil?

and what types are there?

Scent oil is an oil that is specially made to spread nice scents. Ideal when you want to give an area a pleasant smell. However, not all scent oils are the same. We distinguish 2 types of scent oil.

Essential olie

Essential scent oil, also called natural scent oil, is extracted directly from raw materials from nature (seeds, fruits, leaves, skin, blossom or the wood of a plant). After this, the essential scents remain more or less unprocessed.

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Non-essential olie

Non-essential scent oil, also called artificial or synthetic scent oil, is created by artificially imitating the structure of essential oils. We know exactly what is processed in these oils during this manufacturing process.

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Do you go for essential or non-essential oils? We are fans of both! Therefore, we have scents that are completely essential or completely non-essential, or partly essential and partly non-essential. Since quality and safety are paramount for us, every choice is a good one!

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Buying scent oil or getting a scent oil subscription?

save costs ánd worries

Do you want to save costs and worries? Then a scent oil subscription is the best choice compared to ordering individual scent cartridges. In addition, we notice that our customers like to have no worries about their scent experience.

Monitoring your fill level indicator, ordering your scent oil and changing your scent cartridges is very easy. On the other hand, it’s easy to forget! With a Scent Only subscription, you get scent cartridges sent to you periodically. Therefore, you are always assured of a great scent experience. We call that carefree enjoyment!

want to know more about scent oil?

all your questions answered

How is it that scent, and therefore scent oil, has so many effects? Because smell is the only sense that is closely connected to our limbic system. The part of our brain that is involved in our emotion, motivation, pleasure and emotional memory. Scent oil is therefore able to arouse emotions, activate them, calm them down and create memories. A tool not to be underestimated!

There are various techniques for diffusing scent oil in areas. For example, think of wall sprays, granules, dry mist, heating and ultrasonic. These are all techniques that, in our opinion, do not do justice to the scent or do not provide a constant scent experience.

That is why we use the cold misting technique. During this misting process, dry mist dissolves in the air and is carried by the natural airflow in the area. As a result, the scent oil spreads evenly and does not sink quickly to the ground. This allows us to guarantee a constant scent experience. Promised!