Scent goal: refreshing

Fitting room

A lovely fresh scent will bring smiles. And we like to see them! Because almost every visitor is happy in a fresh, clean environment. And the role of scent in this is now quite significant. Because no matter how clean a space looks, if it doesn't smell fresh, it doesn't come across as fresh. Are you aiming for an optimal visitor experience? Refresh it!

Refreshing by scent

Scents that freshen up a room are often powerful scents with fresh top notes. Citronelle and Kaffir are good examples. Looking for a scent that is also composed of fresh base notes? Then Bergamot and Orange is a better fit for refreshing your space. A lighter scent but also very refreshing is Fizzy Lemon. This scent oil is a blend of different citrus fruits and made specifically for that one effect: the perfect clean experience!

Would you like to experience refreshing scents?

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For which areas and organisations is this suitable?

Creating a fresh, clean environment for your visitors: that's what you want. Perhaps your first thought is of toilets, changing rooms or bathing areas. And rightly so, because these can often use a refreshing boost! But these scents are also relevant for places where many visitors pass through in a short time. Think of parking garages, station halls or passages in a shopping mall.