Scent goal: thematising


In some spaces, a theme must be radiated. All sensory stimuli should connect to what you want your visitor to experience. Your visitor feels as if they are somewhere else for a moment. For example, imagine themselves in the time of a specific painting in a museum. Or be taken to a tropical island in a swimming paradise. Whatever your theme is, there is always a suitable scent to complete this sensory feast!

Thematising through scent

What kinds of scents can you think of? Is there artificial grass somewhere, but you want the visitor to imagine that they are standing on natural grass? Then you go for the scent oil Freshly Cut Grass. And what is a rose sauna without the scent of roses? The fruity, floral heart of the scent oil Funny Valentine creates a warm, velvety feeling and - you guessed it - the smell of roses. A slightly more general scent for themed spaces is Honeydew Melon. Its fruity notes provide a refreshing moment. The unfortunate thing about this scent? That you can't eat this one!

Would you like to experience our thematising scents?

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What spaces and organisations are this suitable for?

If experience is a high priority somewhere, it's at amusement and holiday resorts. Want to give all bungalows a theme? That is possible! But also think about an attraction in an amusement park. This ensures that your visitors are even more involved in a story. Museums can also use thematic scents. Think about a painting by Rembrandt from the 17th century. How would it have smelled at the time? But stores also benefit from the use of scents to reinforce a theme. Make a candy store smell even more like candy, and your mouth will water!