Scenting in spaces up to 250m²

Scenting inside retail store

One scent device, 250m² coverage

Do you want to spread scent in a space up to 250m²? Then one scent device is enough to provide your entire room with scent! Perfect for some extra experience to add, for example, in a store, hotel or care practice.



Easy installation of your scent device

Installing a scent device is very simple and can be done easily by yourself. Plug in, connect to a WiFi network, insert the scent cartridge, and you are ready to spread unexpected smiles! You can place the device Stand Alone in the room or hide it in an adjacent room. Not that handy yourself? Then our experts can also take care of the installation for you! 


Always in controll Device&app

Smart Service scenting

With Smart Service scenting from Sense Company, you are always provided with the perfect scent. You lease a scent device for a fixed amount per month and periodically receive new cartridges. Prefer to buy a separate scent device? That is also possible!


Just Plug & Play

Sound simple? It's simple too! What you need for the perfect fragrance experience in an instant?

Start experiencing scent

Power source

Plug your scent system into a power outlet.


Connect your scent system to your WiFi network.

My Sense Device app

Download the free My Sense Device app and follow the instructions. You are now spreading unexpected smiles!

Scent experience in large ruimten

Scent a larger space?

Is the surface of your space larger than 250m²? No problem at all! There are plenty of possibilities for scenting in an ample space.


A financing that suits you

Smart Service One

  • For spaces up to 150m2
  • PHUESE One scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

Smart Service Pro

  • For spaces up to 500m2
  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service