Scenting large spaces

Renting a scent system for an event

Scenting device for a wide range

Do you want to apply scent in an ample space where many people come together, such as an exhibition hall, a station hall or an event hall? Then our scent device is ideally suited to this purpose. We place multiple scent devices in strategic locations so that the scent reaches everyone in the room.


Scent Channel installed by Sense Company


In most cases, we install the scent devices out of sight of the visitors. We connect them to an air handling duct (HVAC) or we place multiple scent devices spread throughout the space. This way, the visitor experiences the scent the best and it is also theftproof! 


Multi injection

Multi-connect function

With the multi-connect function, multiple scent devices are linked to each other. This allows you to easily control all your connected scent devices with just one schedule. Adjusting the nebulisation times and scent intensity is a piece of cake!


Scent experience in hotel lobby

High-capacity scent device

One single odour system can stand alone or via Direct Injection provide up to 500m³ of odour. When odour is distributed via an HVAC, the odour system can even odour rooms up to 1000m³! An even larger space? Then we simply place multiple systems.

Portal web

Self-control or taken care of

Sense Company offers two service options: Smart Service and Full Service. With Smart Service, you get to work with scenting yourself. Through smart app notifications you are kept informed of the status of your scent locations. You don't have to worry about the scent device with Full Service scenting. We manage this for you. In both cases, a carefree scent!

A financing that suits you


Smart Service Pro

  • Flexible installation options
  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

Smart Service Booster

  • Stand Alone-Installation
  • PHUESE Booster scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service