Scenting multiple rooms

Office space

Are you scenting a building with multiple spaces? Or even various buildings? Then our scent management device is the best solution for your location(s). With the Sense Company scent management device, you can easily manage all your scent devices from one central online environment.

My Sense Device App

Manage and control

View and control all your scent locations in our online scent portal or My Sense Device app. Here you can view the status of all your scent devices and easily adjust the scent intensity. You'll also get a notification when a scent cartridge is almost empty. So you're never without scent.


Scent plan & Inventory

Smart installations

After we have conducted a thorough building survey, we install the scent device in carefully selected locations. We can connect the scent device to this air supply if there is an air treatment duct. This way, the scent enters the room through any desired air outlet grille!

Scent Portal

Self-control or taken care of

Sense Company offers two service options: Smart Service and Full Service. With Smart Service, you get to work with scenting yourself. Through smart app notifications you are kept informed of the status of your scent locations. You don't have to worry about the scent device with Full Service scenting. We manage this for you. In both cases, a carefree scent!

Subscriptions that suit you

Smart service lease from

€52,50 p/m
  • System
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

Full service lease from

€69,- p/m
  • System
  • Including scent
  • Service on location