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Imagine a space that is not only visually stunning with the flowers and plants from Fiori, but also smells delightful thanks to the scents from Sense Company. With this combination, you elevate your visitor experience to a whole new level!

For every scent goal

What do you aim to achieve with scent marketing and what are the right scents? We'd love to tell you more!

Promoting hospitality

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is crucial for visitor satisfaction. Certain scents can evoke a sense of welcome, encouraging visitors to return more quickly. Providing a warm welcome in spaces such as a lobby or entrance is very important, as you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Creating a luxury experience

Luxurious scents not only contribute to a positive first impression; they also indulge your visitors a little more. With luxurious scents, you exude quality and exclusivity, promoting your visitors to return more frequently. Who wouldn't want that?


Do you want to truly stimulate all the senses of your visitors, making them feel completely immersed in your story? Then opt for a thematizing scent! Especially in spaces where experiences are paramount, scent can enhance the overall experience.

Smart & Simple

We offer a tailored, intelligent scent system for every organization. Our systems utilize the latest software to ensure that your scent experience is always perfectly managed. And the best part? You can easily control it all with the control app on your smartphone or tablet! Curious about which scent system suits your organization best? Our scent advisors are here to assist you!

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Our Scent Collection

Intrigued to discover which scents can fulfill your scent goals? Within our extensive range, you'll explore all scents tailored to every desired space for any scent objective! Will you be captivated by the scent of Freshly Cut Grass or welcomed by the warm notes of French Bloom?

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What does Smart Service scent experience cost?

The number of nebulization points needed for your organization's scent plan depends on the number of spaces, the size of the spaces, and the type of space. The price of Smart Service scent experience starts from €52.50 per month per nebulization point.


Happy Clients

With pride, we showcase the organizations that delight in our scent experience and spread unexpected smiles!

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