A 9+ Cleaning Experience: Why You Can't Do Without It

Creating a 9+ cleaning experience through scent experience? Yes, really! Why this is so important for your organisation and how to achieve it exactly, you'll read here.

The clean experience within your organisation: more important than you probably think. This is what your visitors' appreciation is based on! But how do you optimise the clean experience within your organisation? Having your cleaning crew come by twice as often is not always the solution. So what is the correct solution? You’ll read that here!

Why clean experience?

Why is it that a perfect clean experience is so important? Because it affects the appreciation of your visitors. It determines satisfaction, overall experience, and first impression. Based on these (unconscious) visitor experiences, we decide whether we want to return somewhere. So, it influences not just hygiene, but has many more effects. Interesting!

Environment is key

How do you create that perfect clean experience? By doubling your cleaning activities? Certainly not. The perception of cleanliness and actual cleaning are not entirely the same. Clean experience goes a lot further than just the technical aspect of cleaning. Yes, the quality of cleaning is important, but even more important is the environment. Think of the use of fresh colours, shiny surfaces, the right temperature, seeing cleaners at work, and - you guessed it - smell.

We'd like to tell you more about the latter. Spreading a fitting scent has positive consequences for your cleaning experience. A fresh scent makes people perceive spaces as cleaner. Think of scents like lemon and linen.

The evidence? D.J. Birnbach et al. (2013) conducted research on the influence of scent on clean experience. In a hospital, test subjects had to disinfect their hands and then carry out their normal tasks. One group was exposed to an added scent. The other group was not. What turned out? The test subjects in the room with an added scent had a higher perception of cleanliness. Fascinating result!

You can never get enough of a clean scent!

A 9+ clean experience through scent? Yes, really! To put this into practice, you can use our smart scent device. This uses the cold nebulisation technique. During this nebulisation process, dry mist dissolves into the air, allowing the scent to spread evenly and avoids it settling to the ground. In this way, a constant scent experience and thereby clean experience can be guaranteed. Who wouldn't want that?