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Everyone knows the problem of bad scent experience in sanitary facilities. You visit a toilet and smell … something you don’t want to smell. The bad smell the previous user leaves behind can make your visit to the bathroom very unpleasant. Odour nuisance in toilets and toilet groups is a common problem. Very annoying, but certainly not insurmountable. Using a scent device to mask the unpleasant smells in your sanitary facilities can turn a frown into an unexpected smile.


Scent targets sanitary




9+ hygiene experience

In certain areas, the hygiene experience is a top priority. However, the fact that something is technically clean does not mean that it is experienced as such. Scent plays a vital role in this.

Masking unwanted smells

When unwanted smells are present, the value of the area in question will decline and the value of the company itself. In short, masking these smells is a vital scent target.

Optimising visitor experience

Are you striving for an optimal visitor experience? Then you want all your expressions to align to create the ultimate experience for your visitor. Also scent.

toilet group

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Moist spray versus dry mist

In practice, we still see it regularly: air fresheners that occasionally spread a moist spray in the room. This perfume is very strong for a short period and then disappears completely. Not ideal for persistent odour nuisance!

On the other hand, our scent devices guarantee a constant scent level using dry atomisation of scent oil. During this misting process, the scent oil dissolves in the air, and the device spreads the scent evenly in the room.

Scents that mask unpleasant smells

Is your goal to mask bad smells? Then we recommend our scent Fizzy Lemon. Fizzy Lemon consists of a mix of various citrus fruits. The scent oil is easy-going and light but has a sharp top note. Very suitable for where it should smell fresh and clean.

Going for extra experience? Then you’d instead choose Lime Tree. A scent that is refreshing but also soft and supple.

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