Fitness marketing: make your visitors fan(atic)!

Discover how scent can contribute to fitness marketing.
Marketing in Fitnessstudios

In the Netherlands, we love to exercise! For instance, a report (NOC*NSF, 2021) shows that fitness is the second most popular sport in the Netherlands. We now know at least 3 million fitness fans. And they are fanatics too! As a result, the market share of fitness has grown significantly. And this of course offers opportunities for your gym. Discover the role of fitness marketing and the influence of scent on the sports experience.

What is sports marketing?

Let's begin more broadly and start with the question: what is sports marketing? Sports marketing is the shortcut to brand awareness. Which means it makes people aware of your brand. This can connect people to a gym, product, sporting event or competition

Implementing fitness marketing 

Fitness marketing is a part of sports marketing and focuses specifically on marketing within the fitness industry. Using fitness marketing has several benefits:

Increasing brand awareness

Name recognition, why would you want it? Simple! Higher brand awareness increases the chances of gaining members. It also increases recognition and trust in the organisation, which in turn contributes to the loyalty of your members.

Increasing loyalty

By creating the right (sports) experience and involvement, members can feel more connected. This increases loyalty and makes it more likely that members will keep coming back to your gym. 

Strengthen your image

Using fitness marketing can also contribute to strengthening the image. By creating the right association with the brand, you can leave a lasting impression. This allows your brand to stand out from competitors, for example.

Increase revenue

More members, more revenue! Raising brand awareness, increasing loyalty and strengthening the image can result in more members and consequently more revenue in the end. The ultimate goal of fitness marketing.

How does scent contribute to fitness marketing?

Scent: a part of fitness marketing that is often overlooked. For example, removing body odour is one of the biggest challenges in the fitness industry. Especially in gyms and changing rooms, it can cause discomfort. By neutralising or masking this unwanted smell, you improve the overall sports experience. But scent contributes to several things when it comes to sports experience! For example, a scent can set the atmosphere in a room. By spreading the right scent, you create a warm welcome and a pleasant (sports) environment. 

Physical Activation through scent

Besides masking unwanted smells and creating the right atmosphere, scenting also contributes to stimulating physical activation. For example, the scent Revitalising gives a refreshing boost and citrus scent can increase the level of stamina (Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich). So spreading the right scent can improve sports performance!

Scent: an essential factor in fitness marketing 

In short, scent is actually unmissable when it comes to fitness marketing. In a nutshell? With the right scent experience, you can increase brand awareness, increase loyalty, enhance image and improve sports performance. This can result in more members and ultimately increase revenue.