Thermen Berendonck

On the one hand, creating an ultimate experience and, on the other, masking unpleasant smells. For Thermen Berendonck, we made the perfect combination!
Berendonck steam bath


Scent is an important element in wellness resorts. Something Thermen Berendonck definitely gets. Its needs in this area were twofold. On the one hand, Thermen Berendonck wanted to create the perfect experience in any room. On the other hand, it wanted to mask unpleasant smells. What can scent and scent devices do to fulfill these needs?

Entrance Berendonck


In order to create the most fitting scent experience in every room within Thermen Berendonck, we used different scents, scent devices and installation techniques. Sweat was masked and the various rooms were given a scent that best suited their purpose and atmosphere, such as a soothing scent in the resting area. We call this optimum enjoyment.