Urine odour removal

Struggling to eliminate a stubborn urine odour? Thorough cleaning is often not enough. Keep reading to quickly learn how to effectively neutralize this unwanted odour!
Urine odour removal

Unpleasant odours are a thing of the past! 

Removing urine odour? We've got it covered! Unfortunately, unpleasant odours still persist in healthcare facilities. The most common and lingering odour is urine. Due to the incontinence of residents in residential care centres or other healthcare facilities, unavoidable accidents occasionally occur. Urine odour lingers, for example, because it seeps into furniture or concrete. And no matter how thoroughly it is cleaned, the only solution at that moment is to remove the urine odour through neutralization. This is more pleasant for the residents, carers, and visitors. Additionally, neutralizing urine odour enhances the perception of cleanliness!

Do you want to know how we do it? Then keep reading in this blog about removing human urine odour in healthcare facilities.

Causes of Urine Odour

Removing urine odour applies to multiple spaces in a healthcare facility. In fact, there are several causes of urine odour, which means the odour isn't only logically located in the toilet. Often, it seems as though the restroom hasn't been cleaned properly at that moment. Fortunately, we can assume that this is not the case, and it's about something else. It can be because a resident has an accident in the toilet. This means that there is urine on or next to the toilet. Despite thorough cleaning throughout the space, the odour has already spread into the material or the airflow. Additionally, the cleaner may have missed one spot when removing urine in the restroom, causing the unpleasant odour to linger.

Furthermore, residents in care centers often suffer from incontinence. This frequently results in someone involuntarily losing urine or feces on clothing, sofas, chairs, or in bed. Removing urine entirely from the fabric is challenging because it seeps into the underlying materials. This leads to significant odour problems.

Urine odour also clings to clothing. Washing clothing with urine can even lead to a washing machine acquiring the odour. Washing the items is currently ineffective. This is a very annoying problem where the urine odour continues to spread in the room and lingers around a resident.

Removing urine odour with our scent device

Because, no matter how well you clean, or how well you launder clothing, the unpleasant odour lingers. How do you eliminate urine odour? We're here to assist you! With the help of our scent device, we don't make the space cleaner, but we do ensure that we remove urine odour. The scent device converts neutralising scent oil into a scent mist. The mist is spread in the room. The mist is so light that it is carried by the airflow of the air. This results in constant, neutralising scent experience.

Even scent distribution is crucial in this situation. Eliminating a urine odour can only be achieved if the scent is constantly sprea. By connecting to the scent device through a smart device, you can monitor the scent device. Think, for example, of adjusting the intensity of the scent. Would you rather not have to worry about the scent device, trust us to remove urine odour from your room and keep an eye on it for you? Then we will monitor the devices for you!

Turning odour into Experience

We don't remove urine odour through cleaning agents. While this, alongside neutralising urine odour, is undoubtedly essential, practical experience tells us that cleaning alone is simply not sufficient for eliminating the unpleasant odours. With our scent device, we can not only neutralise urine odour but also make the spaces smell pleasant. Neutralisation resolves an odour problem, but do you also ensure that there is a pleasant odour? Then, unconsciously, you transform neutralisation into a genuine value-added scent experience!

In summary, eliminating urine odour is a challenge. The various causes are unavoidable. In addition to thorough cleaning, adding scent is, therefore, the best way to keep the experience in a healthcare facility as pleasant as possible. This can be divided into cleanliness perception and hygiene perception. Besides being pleasant for the residents themselves, carers and visitors will also benefit from it.

Are you currently working in a healthcare facility? And are you curious about the scents we recommend for eliminating urine odour? Then request scent samples completely without obligation! Our scent specialists are here to assist you.

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