Professional scent air machines

Scent air machine from Sense Company

Choose sustainability, quality and affordability with Sense Company's professional scent air machines. The scent air machine can indicate what scent it spreads, how full the scent cartridge is and if the machine is still functioning properly. If the internet connection drops, our scent air machine for business automatically switches to a backup program. You are always assured of the perfect scent experience!

Scent air machine for business

What is a professional scent machine?

A professional scent air machine is an electrical device that spreads an aroma into a room with the aim of improving the experience or atmosphere in a room. Professional scent air machines differ from ordinary aroma diffusers by having better dispersal and misting technology. As a result, they can scent larger spaces and keep the quality of the scent experience at a constant level.

Air scent machine

Who uses professional scent machines?

Scent air machines are used in a wide diversity of industries. The pioneer in scenting is the sauna & wellness industry. They experimented early on with aromas like lavender, pine, and eucalyptus to promote a relaxing environment. Later, the commercial world also began to see the value of scent. Scent air machines are now used in stores, casinos, offices, gyms, hotels, automotive, and many more industries.

Why are professional scent machines used?

There are many reasons to use a scent air machine. For example, an organization can spread a scent to neutralize an unwanted smell or to improve the experience of a room.The purpose of spreading scent varies and often depends on the type of organization or space in which the scent is spread. You can choose for thematic scents, relaxing scents, or activating scents. Want to know which scent goal is right for your organization?

Installation of a scent device

A professional scent device can be installed in different ways. Often, the scent air system is connected to an air treatment system or HVAC. The scent mist is then injected into the air supply system through a scent pipe. The scent device can also be placed in the room itself or hidden in an adjacent space. Nice and tidy! 

commercial scent machine

Smart scent device from Sense Company

Our scent device is smart. Very smart! Our scent device can tell you whether it is working properly, what scent it is giving off and how full the cartridge is. Want to know what else our scent system can do for your organisation?

Spread the perfect scent 

The professional scent device from Sense Company uses a unique dispersal technique, the cold misting technique. In this process, dry mist dissolves in the air and is carried through the natural airflow in the room. This disperses the scent equally and it does not quickly sink to the ground.

Always connected

To have 24/7 control over your scent device, it is securely connected to the internet. The standard connection is by WiFi. If you do not have (suitable) WiFi, a GPRS connection is also possible. Either way, you are connected with our scent device!

User-friendly scent cartridge

Inserting your cartridge: easier than you think. The fill level? You can see it at a glance in your scent portal or My Sense Device app. What's more, the scent atomizer is in the cap of the cartridge instead of in the device itself. This means that you get a new atomizer with every new cartridge, so you never have to clean it!

Always in controll Device&app

Scent device with app: simple and organized

Spreading high-quality scents requires the best scent air machine technology. Sense Company is ahead when it comes to the development and usability, sustainability and quality of scent air machines. We offer our customers a scent air machine that can be used online. Using a self-developed network card, the scent air machine can be remotely managed and controlled from anywhere in the world.


Easily set the atomisation times of your scent. Do your opening hours change, for example? Then adjust them in just a few clicks. So you only use your scent oil when you want!

Scent intensity

Want to make your scent smell even better? Or just make it more delicate? With the My Sense Device app, you can easily adjust your scent intensity. Just the way you want it.


In our app, we offer you online support. From explanation of functionalities to solutions for error reports. Unsure about something? You can also contact us!

A financing that suits you


Smart Service Pro

  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

Starter package

  • PHUESE One scent system
  • 2x S cartridges
  • 1 year warranty