Scent experience in stores


Does this sound familiar to you? Many stores spend a lot of time and energy on the appearance of their brand. Their design is therefore often well thought-out. However, a personal scent? Absent. A real shame! To overlook the scent experience is a missed opportunity. Namely, scent marketing can majorly impact consumers, both consciously and unconsciously, from more brand recognition to an increased chance of purchases. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


The influence of scent experience on visitors?

Strengthening brand identity

An effective way to strengthen your brand and make it more your own, is to spread a unique, recognisable scent. This scent is then associated with your brand and, as a store, you can leave a lasting impression. An in-store scent device is the solution to strengthen your brand identity.

Creating a luxury experience

When you want to radiate luxury with your store, it’s not just the design that counts. By spreading an appropriate scent in stores, you can strengthen this luxury experience.

Optimising visitor experience

When striving for an optimal visitor experience in your store, it's important that all your expressions are in line to create the ultimate experience for your visitor. This includes the scent in the shop. Optimise the visitor experience in your store by using a scent device.

Scents for shops

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Scent plan from Sense Company

Your purpose determines your scent

What goal do you want to pursue with your scent experience? An important question to answer when choosing the right scent.

Do you want to increase your brand identity? Then you can spread a recognisable scent so that (often unconsciously) a connection is made between the scent and your store brand. If this scent is smelled again later, the association will be easily made.

Another goal is to endure the stay of your store visitors, increasing the chance of purchases. In that case, you choose a fragrance that almost everyone experiences as pleasant.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why is it smart to apply scent marketing in shops?

Applying scent marketing can have a major impact on consumers both consciously and subconsciously. For example, scent in shops increases the likelihood of purchases, provides the luxury experience and optimises the visitor experience.