Scent goal: promoting sales

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Many organisations put a lot of time and energy into the appearance of their brand. Consequently, the design is often well-thought-out. However, the scent? Absent. What a shame! This is a missed opportunity, as scent experience can significantly impact consumers. 

Driving sales through scent

The length of stay in a space that smells comfortable extends. As a result, your visitors will look at your products longer and the chance of purchasing them increases. Also, smelling an appropriate scent makes them stand behind their purchase decision more strongly. And they are also willing to pay a higher price for it. Bonus! 

Want to go a step further? Spread your unique scent. You will create a mental connection between this scent and your brand. If they smell it again, the association with your brand will quickly be made. You will therefore remain longer in the memory of your visitors. Sounds good, right?

These scents boost sales

Which scents boost sales? The cheerful scent Oolaboo, for example. The soft, sweet and fresh scent knows how to put a smile on every face! Do you want a milder, more luxurious and fresh experience? Then the scent oil Aqua di Parma fits better in your space. Are you going for more authenticity? Then Pink Pepper Amberwood is a scent that you will like. This scent comes from the amber tree, a deciduous tree from America whose red resin is secreted in its heat. This gives Pink Pepper Amberwood its distinctively sweet, woody scent. Delightful!

Would you like to experience scents that boost sales?

Request our scent samples free of charge, without obligation, and experience which scent suits your organisation or spaces best.

For which areas and organisations is this suitable?

These scents are widely applicable. For example, you can think of the entire retail industry. After all, the selling of products or services and customer appreciation are central here. But also, the smell can strike the right chord in other places where you want consumers to stay longer. Think, for example, of a casino: the place where visitors lose their sense of time by smelling the right scent and become wholly absorbed in the activity. And therefore - logically - spend more. An investment that pays off!

Frequently asked questions 

  • Which scents are sales promoters?

Oolaboo, Aqua di Parma and Pink Pepper Amberwood are typical fragrances when it comes to sales promotion. From cheerful scents to milder, luxurious, fresh and authentic scents. In short, each scent oil has its own character!