Professional smoke odour removal

Smoke odour: a true nightmare when we talk about removing odours. Therefore, professional smoke odour removal exists for a reason.
neutralise smoke odour

Smoke odour: a true nightmare when we talk about removing odours. Therefore, professional smoke odour removal exists for a reason. Besides the fact that smoke is harmful to your health, the smell also remains for an incredibly long time. And from practical experience, we know that penetrating smoke odour removal is not possible just by opening a window. How does smoke odour go away? What can you do about it yourself and, more importantly, what can we do for you?

Remove the odour of smoke from a narea yourself

There are a number of tricks to get rid of smoke odour temporarily. Besides taking everything to the dry cleaner and ventilating the area, vinegar is also a powerful remedy to temporarily mask the smell of smoke. And a bowl of spirit seems to do the job to some extent too. Removing smoke odour by disguise is also an option with incense, for example. Do you like a fresh cup of coffee? Then leftover coffee grounds are not useless either! Placing a bowl of coffee grounds in an area where there is an odour of smoke also turns out to take over the unpleasant odour of smoke for a while. One drawback? You have to replace the sludge every 24 hours. By the way: all these solutions are temporary and will only help in small areas.

How can you remove smoke odour professionally?

So the tricks you can apply to remove smoke odour are only effective in the short term. For example, letting air through is no longer useful if the smoke has already migrated into materials of the area. Cleaning the surface of these products will not produce results either. Thorough cleaning is very wise when it comes to removing nicotine deposits and the health of your visitors or yourself. There is no escaping this! But for example, completely removing the smell of smoke from walls? This is very difficult. Moreover, do people keep smoking inside, or smoking outside at an adjoining area, for example at a casino? Then professional neutralisation of the unpleasant smell is the only way to remove the odour.

Odour neutralisation against the odour of smoking 

An area without the odour of smoking is logically better than an area with the odour of smoking. But spreading a pleasant scent that masks an unpleasant odour has several advantages. A pleasant scent, for example, makes the area look fresh. Do you convert the problem of the smoking odour into a complementary scent for the area? Then it also has beneficial effects. Indeed, the visitor experience across the whole building will increase as a result!

how does smoke smell go away

The benefits of smoke odour neutralisation:

  • The unpleasant odour is a thing of the past.
  • It creates a fresh appearance.
  • Better appreciation of the area or building by visitors.

Professional smoke odour neutralisation 

We neutralise smoke odour with our professional Sense scent device. Using a cold diffusing technique, our powerful scent oil is evenly distributed throughout the area. Setting the exact times the scent device should work, as well as the choice of atomisation intensity, ensures effective neutralisation. The scent device works on electricity, so will never fail. In addition, there are certain scents that are good at neutralising smoke odours. An example is Lemon & Vanilla. The strength from the base notes mask the pungent smoke odour and the light tones leave a fresh touch!

Service options

For this, Sense Company offers service in two ways, through Smart Service and Full Service. With Smart Service, we make it easy for you to get started with the scent device. The device is easy to install and the app does the thinking together with the device. All you have to do is adjust the misting schedules! Is your cartridge about to run out? Then you will be notified in time and can order a new cartridge with ease. 

Would you rather not have to worry about your scent management? Then we will be happy to take care of everything from start to finish. Everything? Yes, really! From installation to monitoring the device. Is a cartridge about to run out and in need of maintenance? Then we will come and do it for you!

A financing that suits you


Full Service Pro

  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • Including scent
  • Service on location

Starter package

  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • 2x M cartridges
  • 1 year warranty