Scent goal: neutralising


Want to neutralise unwanted scents? Whether it is cigarette smoke, stale beer, sewer odour, or unpleasant smells in toilets, our smart scent device and powerful scent oils can neutralise these odours. Because of their specific operation, they offer a lasting solution to any scent problem. Yes, you read that correctly: every scent problem. No smell is too crazy for us!

Permanently repel unwanted scents

Placing containers of cleaning vinegar or charcoal, ventilating the room, using wall sprays. These are tips you may have heard in your quest to get rid of unwanted scents, whether it's beer, sweat, toilet, sewer or smoke scents. These solutions usually don't work long-term or don't work well enough.

We use the cold diffuser technique with our scent systems to neutralise stench correctly and for a long time. During this diffusing process, dry mist dissolves in the air and is carried into the room by the natural airflow. Thus, the deployed scent spreads evenly through the misting interval and does not quickly sink to the ground. As a result, we can guarantee you a consistent scent experience.

More than just neutralising scents

However, the fact that our scent oils can provide a lasting solution to any odour problem is not their only purpose. They can also transform the stench into a real scent experience. So not only is the bad smell gone, but it also smells extra good! And that has beneficial effects too. Spreading a unique, complementary scent strengthens your brand and increases the perception and assessment of your guests. In short, win-win!

Scent experience restroom

These scents are neutralising 

Several scents provide for the neutralisation of stench. For example, our scent oil Linen Fresh delivers a fine, soft, fresh scent experience. Does the place you want to tackle have a more overpowering smell, such as smoke? Then the powerful scent of Lemon Vanilla is a better fit for neutralising the space. The woody base notes cover up the unpleasant smell. The floral top notes then leave a fresh impression. Is it desired for the room to smell green and fresh? Then we recommend our scent oil Lime Tree. This soft and smooth scent comes into its own through wood and citrus. A real boost! All in all, enough scent oils to do away with unwanted smells!

Is this something for my organisation?

Wherever there are unpleasant odours, neutralising is relevant. This is logical! Think, for example, of masking undesirable scents in sanitary areas. But smells of sweat, smoke or sewage can also be a disturbing factor for visitors. An example is a sports hall, where sweat plays a significant role. But also the changing rooms can often use a more pleasant smell. And what about cafés, where a less pleasant smell usually lingers after a long night? Not to mention the sewer smell in some old buildings. Situations that we would like to do something about! Would you too?


Would you like to experience our reassuring scents for yourself?

Request our scent samples free of charge, without obligation, and experience which scent oils the best suit your organisation or spaces.

Clean versus the perception of cleanliness

However, just because a space is technically clean does not mean we experience it that way. And this (subconscious) experience, in turn, affects our evaluation of the area and whether we want to return there. In short, you can clean your space as well as you can, but if it is not experienced as clean, you will still suffer negative consequences. Think, for example, of negative reviews and visitors not coming back. And especially the smell in this clean experience plays an important role!

Fresh scents, not frustration

Unwanted scents are a significant source of frustration. In offices, for example, about 52% of employees see this as one of the most important factors that negatively influence the working atmosphere. In addition, 80% of Dutch people are bothered by smells in toilets. If you spread a fresh scent in these areas, you significantly increase the perception of hygiene. People will also contribute to keeping an environment clean when they smell a fresh (citrus) scent.