The Upside Down Amsterdam

When experience is not a side issue, but the main issue, there is no escaping the use of scent experience. A clear story for The Upside Down Amsterdam!
Upside Down
Upside Down Experience


At The Upside Down Amsterdam, experience isn't an afterthought, it's the main thing. But how can you take this to an even higher level in Europe's largest Instagram museum? And how to make visitors feel completely part of the 'ultimate Instagrammable Dutch Experience'? From this question, a collaboration between us and ONYX AV for The Upside Down Amsterdam was born.


Upside Down Amsterdam


To provide The Upside Down Amsterdam with the ultimate scent experience, we themed all 25 rooms and decors, with a total size of 1500m2, through different scents. In addition, when placing the scent devices we ensured that they became part of the environment. In this way every visitor now experiences this unique experience even better!


Upside Down Amsterdam