Scent experience in recreation

Recreation park

If experience has the highest priority somewhere, it is in the recreation sector. Holiday and amusement parks, therefore, design their areas so that the visitor can imagine themselves in a different world. Image, light and sound are optimally attuned to each other. A true delight for the eye and ear. How does this sensory experience become completely unforgettable? You’ve guessed it…


Scent targets recreation

9+ hygiene experience

In a recreation area, hygiene perception is very important. However, the fact that something is technically clean does not mean that it is experienced as such. Spreading the right scent can make visitors experience the room as fresher and cleaner. In addition, scent helps to mask unpleasant odours.

Making visitors feel welcome

Not only does what we see and hear affect us, but also what we smell. This way, certain scents make people feel welcome, making an excellent first impression.


If a recreation area has a specific theme, there is always a scent that matches it. Adding this element to your visual and sound aspects will create the optimal experience for your visitors.

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Adding value and solving problems

The diffusion of scent can have a problem-solving function and a value-added function. Nobody has to make you aware that bad smells are not pleasant. The fact that these also significantly impact your company is, on the other hand, probably a good reminder.

Not only the appreciation your visitors give you is influenced by the scent experience. The duration of their stay also depends to a large extent on what they smell. And since there is always a smell, you’d better decide for yourself which one!

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From ocean scents in a water park to oriental scents on the market. Every environment has a smell that precisely brings out the desired feeling in your visitor.

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