Why scent perception is essential to the guest experience in hotels.

Improve your hotel guests' experience by incorporating scent perception. Discover how scent can evoke emotions, create a luxurious atmosphere, and strengthen brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on your visitors.
hotel scent experience

Want to improve your hotel guest experience or struggling to create the right brand experience? No doubt you've already deployed a few things from the marketing mix.Yet there is one component that is often overlooked but plays a major role in stimulating the senses: scent! In this blog, we take a closer look at why your hotel should deploy scent experience, and why it is so essential to the guest experience in hotels.

The power of scent

Scent determines 75% of our emotions. It not only brings us back to memories, but also largely determines our mood (Warrenburg, 2005). By spreading the right scent, you can influence this in your visitors. Whether it’s refreshing washroom facilities, creating tranquility with the scent of lavender in the spa, or providing a warm welcome in the lobby, scents can create an unmistakable atmosphere of hospitality.

Creating luxury

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression, just stating the obvious! You want your visitors to feel immediately welcomed and relaxed. We all know the classic example of the smell of warm apple pie giving us a feeling of coming home.But did you know that you can take a first impression to an even higher level? By spreading a warm, harmonious scent you create a feeling of luxury and exclusivity. Ideal if you want to pamper your visitors a little extra and make them part of your experience. This way you not only create a good first impression, but also a lasting impression.

A goal for every room

Scent helps to welcome your guests, but you can also use scent for more purposes. Think of neutralizing spaces, where unwanted odors quickly arise, or activating your visitors in spaces where more energy is needed, such as a gym. A spa? Here too, you can increase the guest experience with the right scent, resulting in a longer stay and a greater chance of returning guests! Sounds too good to be true right? Whatever you want to achieve in a space, with scent, it is possible.

Strengthening brand identity

A brand identity can, of course, be visualized with a logo, use of colors, images and decoration of spaces. A brand can also be brought to life through scent. Think for example of signature scent: a consistent scent that makes visitors immediately think of a specific brand. This form of recognition plays up in our subconscious but is perhaps the most effective way to create brand recognition (Rimkute et al., 2016).

Scenting can significantly enhance the guest experience in hotels. Scent not only contributes to creating or strengthening brand identity, but can also be used to evoke emotions, leave a lasting impression and give guests the ultimate experience. With scent marketing, you ensure a longer stay, better reviews, and an increased chance of returning visitors. So next time you visit a hotel, take a deep breath and be surprised by the experience of scent!