Scent experience in restaurants and bars

Restaurant scents

Laurel and Hardy, Tom and Jerry, taste and smell. What do these pairs have in common? That they are inextricably linked. Do you serve beautiful dishes, but isn’t there a smell in your restaurant that does justice to this? Or does the strong smell of beer or sweat drive visitors out of your bar? That’s a shame! By using scent in the right way, you can give the taste and visitor experience a big boost. What is not to like?

Scent marketing in hospitality

Making your food and drinks taste their best? And stand out from the rest? Then you've come to the right place! Scent marketing in the hospitality industry ensures a warm welcome at the entrance, a luxury experience and masks any unwanted odours in your restaurant or bar!

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Scent targets hospitality

Optimising visitor experience

Are you striving for an optimal visitor experience? Then you want all your expressions to align to create the ultimate experience for your visitor. Also scent.

Making visitors feel welcome

Not only does what we see and hear affect us, but also what we smell. This way, certain scents make people feel welcome, making an excellent first impression.

Masking unwanted smells

When unwanted smells are present, the value of the area in question will decline and the company's value. In short, masking these smells is a vital scent target.

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Scent advice for Restaurants & Casino's

Problem-solving and value-adding

Diffusing scent in your restaurant or bar can create problem-solving and value-adding functions. On the one hand, you may want to get rid of the strong smell of beer or sweat, but on the other hand, you also may want to strengthen the image of your company. And, in the case of restaurants, it stimulates appetite.

In the first case, our Lemon & Vanilla scent is often chosen: one of our top scent oils to neutralise unwanted smells. To project a particular image, woody scented oils are often the favourite. And do you want to make your guests’ mouths water? Then shades of citrus, such as lemon and orange, are real winners! In short, we have a fragrance for every purpose.

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