Scent experience in Ziggo Dome

A unique location requires a unique atmosphere. Say no more! In this case, you can read how we ensured this at the Ziggo Dome by means of a scent experience.
Ziggo Dome building
Concert Ziggo


Ziggo Dome, a concert hall that can receive up to 17,000 visitors. A large number of people who, of course, not only use the hall, but also the entrance, smoking and sanitary areas. Providing these areas with the perfect scent was its wish. In addition, Ziggo Dome also wanted to make a clear distinction between the regular and VIP areas. Say no more.

concert hall Ziggo Dome


To give the guests a warm welcome, we installed a scent device with a matching scent in the entrance area. We adjusted the scent in the sanitary areas so that it is more present during the breaks. And in the smoking rooms, the smell of smoke was masked. Everything for the ultimate experience. And last but not least: the VIP areas. We gave them a slightly more chic scent. Especially for that real VIP feeling.